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Thursday, January 02, 2014

+ New Year Resolution 2014 +

you're the star across my sky♥ - 10:07:00 PM


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hi my dear blog, I truly missed you. It's coming to an end of year 2013, so I thought maybe I can share with you what good events happened this year. :D


Today I have exceptionally feel like blogging! After so...... like a million years. Haha!

So.. my dearest boyfriend and I decided to book for a BTO earlier this year, and it went well.
We've gotten a nice Q-number and booked a unit near my parents.

Tada! We just signed our agreement earlier this month.
and now, we'll be waiting for the key collection earliest in 2016. I am so so so EEEExcited!
Can't wait for it to come! Money come come also. muahaha.

A fruitful year indeed. Travels and more travels with my lovely, 可爱又可恨的 BFFs and boyfriends were definitely the best memories EVER!

And then here, on the 16th nov, we went for a nice picnic at Botanic Garden:)
Ok, I always ended up taking photos with my Primadonna forever. Haha! S2 forever :S
 We are just so cool, relax and chilling ourselves with the nice paper plates.

Oh, here's the most happy event today.
We bought ourselves a *NEW* BED! The only heart pain was, it costs nearly 2000 bucks. oh my mummy T_T and my honey was so so so interested to changed the led light with ceiling fan! One of the reason was because i complaint about the dim light in his room. But, I truly believe it's because he wanted it. So, went to his friend at Nova furniture and we got a nice one with a very good price. ;)

Then finally had my dinner.
Been trying out quite a few products this week.
Hopefully it's working! alright thats it for tonight. Come again another day.

Goodbye Sweetie , loves.

you're the star across my sky♥ - 4:46:00 AM


Friday, July 27, 2012

+ Monthsary +

Happy Two Years & Seven Months.
Together with my cold.


you're the star across my sky♥ - 1:42:00 AM


Monday, June 25, 2012

+ Hello ppl :D +

Blogger is changing again. I am affected! Maybe I should just change it to the simplified blogskin before they crashed my blog *MAD*

Everyday so hot and humid!
Been here for the 4th week ; 27th days....
It's the longest days i've been away from a place called "home"

Went to wow wild wet yesterday. Thats was my 2nd time entering and the first time get into the water.
Had a blast! We even saw my bf's facebook 'friend' that was such a coincidence.
Well I will not insult anyone here. Just because she insulted me before, i am not gonna do the same :)
All I can say is that she's just plain jealous and is too inferior to be compared with me.

Anyway it was a tiring day too. I almost fell asleep in the singtel shop at eHub due to the long waiting. All the newbies cant handle it :S

Ended the day with bowling session. It's all free! Thanks to baby's mummy :]
Today my muscles all aching & feeling uncomfortable due to choking on some chlorine water ytd.

you're the star across my sky♥ - 6:23:00 PM


Friday, March 23, 2012

+ Those days +

I missed all those fun times..

you're the star across my sky♥ - 5:48:00 AM


Sunday, February 12, 2012

+ +

it's actually the funshion's problem not my connection too slow. haha! :D
Finally. I can LAUGH ALL I WANT :D

you're the star across my sky♥ - 11:56:00 PM


+ Happy Valentines +

I am here again.
This weekend I've watched Chronicle & Underworld.
Chronicle Boo! Luckily Underworld is still as nice as part 1. *Thumb up*!

baby was on half day on friday so we went for advance vd date.
Went to eat pepper lunch. It's our first time. haha.
I am having a hard time deciding what to order. I even text my bro what to eat. LOL
As usual, the queue was quite long in the afternoon.
So i have enough time to consider. In the end I chose Thick Steak. *Awesome :3* hehe.

After that shopping & movie.
Next day wake up 10am plus just to go chongpang eat horfun for breakfast as both of us were craving for it. haas.
Then we went shopping & movie again. These 2 days go arcade throw basketball until my muscles so pain now :(
But it was FUN!!
At night went to 888 for dinner. :>

Sunday didn't do anything. Recharging all energy that's used for those 2 days.
So slept until 3plus. baby went in and out just to fix the toilet's light.
I am helping him to light up the place with my iphone torch light.
& guess what.... My phone dropped from 2m high -.-
I super super super regretted changing my rubber casing to kate spade casing.
Super regret. But it's too late... my phone already chui like dunno what.
Damn heartbroken :'( If it was my rubber casing.. it wont cracked open.
Just because of that damn light, we've pay out too much.
Baby kena electric shock & fly out of the ladder & my phone.... hais...
Dunno which... go on the switch -.-
What if the voltage was higher. Can't imagine.

Now I am back to my home & there's no internet connection.
Have to wait for the technician to come over tmr morning.
With my iphone hotspot I can't even watch show in funshion. damn it!


you're the star across my sky♥ - 11:24:00 PM


Tuesday, February 07, 2012


So limited time!!

-Underworld Awakening

Current 2 movies I wanna watch.
I missed All's well End's well this year. :(
Maybe before these 2 movies, I shall watch I love HK 2012. (replacement)
Cause my friend said the movie is nice. shall see how during the weekends.

Where's Breaking Dawn Part II! Waiting & Waiting.......
& also waiting for my childhood fairytale story Beauty & the Beast in 3D!
hehe. Opening in march.

ok i am done here.
Wanna meet Jumbo soon! Let's plan :>

you're the star across my sky♥ - 5:28:00 AM


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

+ T__T +


you're the star across my sky♥ - 2:51:00 AM


Monday, January 16, 2012

+ Yay! New Updates! +


WOODY'S PUB CAFE. Lols. Introduced by a taxi driver.

Baby's & my Huge spy wine float :D

My Steak order. The mushroom sauce is very nice. Everything was quite well, the only bad point is there is sands on the other half so i couldn't finish it. :(

Vegetable Soup. HAHA! & Baby's fish and chips. The fish taste alittle similar to mac's filet-o-fish.

See! So Enjoying his fish and chips!

Last but not least, Jumbo Satay & Buffalo wings.

The buffalo wings is really nice & spicy. There's 8 selctions to choose from and the spiciest is triple spicy. Starting from spicy it's REALLY SPICY to us already. cause we chose spicy and I only managed to eat one. I wanted another one but it's too hot for me. LOL! DONT BE MISUNDERSTOOD BY NORMAL. Because it stands for "normal spicy".
I misunderstood it, so I choose spicy. Who knows~ it's considered the 4th spiciest. So it goes something like Very mild, mild, bla bla bla~ spicy, very spicy, Double very spicy, triple very spicy... I AM BEEN CHEATED! LOL.

A great dinning experience. Just that again, we ordered too much food.
So we take away. haha! I am super satisfied! but cant stop putting on weights fml !

fOLLOWinG dAY~~~................

Went to ION orchard to shop for new year clothes.
Had our brunch at wisma food republic teppanyaki.
LOL! I didn't know there's a booth like this in food republic. Thanks honey!

We did shopped from 5 plus till 9 plus. a Short 4 hours time, My boyfriend is hungry again! Went to Asian kitchen. & finally do the last few shopping at ION and headed to cine.

Went to Kbox. YAY! Boyfriend sing till want no voice liao So i am self entertaining -.-
Then we leave at 3am & went for a movie session. So long didn't watch movie already.
GREAT! reached baby's house 6plus. bathed & we played maple. LOL! 8 plus went out to pray his ahma with his family and when everything is done, it's already 3plus in the afternoon.
Went to OG to get bedsheet blablabla.... I think I already cannot tong liao.
Guess what, went back baby's house, I PLAYED MAHJONG WITH HIS SISTERS -.- WTF.

Slept at 8plus till 11pm! SHOCKED cause baby have to book in! and the alarm supposed to ring at 10.15pm But guess we are too dead beat so didnt heard any ringings.
Rush through everything, i came back home. and now, 4.50am I am still sitting here blogging. LOL! I AM SUPER GODDESS ALREADY!

Gonna go see doctor tomorrow so have to sleep now.
Seriously I am damn tired. Am glad that I am tired so I can sleep.

Happiest now ! I believe it's what I deserve. :D


you're the star across my sky♥ - 3:35:00 AM


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

+ New Year +

Every new year, we always said hope next year would be a better year.
Even though we might always ended up saying ... year is a shit year.
But still it's better to said than nothing. & we should make it a better year.

Browsed through some of my posts last year, I really see many differences in me & in you.
And probably everyone. we are all changing.

I wanted to be much better than what I used to be.
I wanted to fulfill things that I am unable to fulfill.
I wanted to be a better girlfriend, but also i need your cooperation. tyvm.

Everything will stay strong. Friendship, Relationship & Kinship!

you're the star across my sky♥ - 3:10:00 AM


you've juz entered my world baby <3
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